• Wholesale Bread Manufacturing

    Wholesale Bread Manufacturing

    Established in 1964, California Baking Company is one of San Diego's biggest wholesale bread manufacturer.

  • Large-scale Bread Baking

    Large-scale Bread Baking

    California Baking Company produces more than a hundred different types of breads, rolls, hamburger buns, bagels, ciabattas, and focaccias, using various recipes of white, wheat, rye, squaw, sourdough, pumpernickel and more in many different presentations!

  • High-end Baking Tools and Ovens

    High-end Baking Tools and Ovens

    Our company uses industrial ovens, various cooling rooms, large-scale and high-end mixing, forming and baking machines.

  • Deliveries to you 6 days a week!

    Deliveries to you 6 days a week!

    We're proud to be one of the biggest bread manufacturers and distributors for restaurant, delis and hotels in San Diego and Los Angeles Counties.

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"California Baking Co's bread quality, flavor, and price are an excellent choice for our taste and pocket!"

Wholesale Bread Delivery Company

California Baking Company is a wholesale bread manufacturing bakery. We specialize in delivering bread to hotels, delis, restaurants, casinos, supermarkets, wholesalers, and many other businesses. We're located in Chula Vista, California and serve all of San Diego, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties.